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EuSoCo Conference March 22, 2019 (Frankfurt/Slubice)

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European University Viadrina and EuSoCo invite (Flyer for download)


„Principles of social long-term contracts – the case of contracts about digital work and digital content“
22-23 March 2019, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany and Słubice, Poland

Five years after the International Social Contract Law Group (EuSoCo) published its „Principles of social long-term contracts“, this conference revisits the principles in view of recent developments in the contracting of work and labour. In order to gain a fresh perspective on how a social contract law could look like, this conference approaches basic contractual forms, principles, common approaches and achievements in existing social contract laws from their borders and fringes, i.e. in contracts about work.The term „contracts about work“ refers to the fact that work, in the digital age, is being contracted not only in employment and other long-term contracts, but more and more with the help of digital platforms modelled on sales and spot contracts. There has been an ongoing debate as to the boundaries between employment and self-employment, between organisation and market coordination. This conference searches for general principles for contracts about work, and puts the principles of social long-term contracts to the test of contracts about work.

Venue: Collegium Polonicum, ul. Kościuszki 1, PL 69 – 100 SłubiceFrankfurt (Oder) and Słubice can easily be reached by regional train (RE 1) from Berlin (appr. 1 hour train ride).

For information and registration: Prof. Dr. Eva Kocher, Juristische Fakultät, Europa-Universität Viadrina,Große Scharrnstr. 59, D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Session I Beyond Employment in the digital context

Panel: Ruth Dukes (University of Glasgow), Luca Ratti (University of Luxembourg), Udo Reifner (University of Hamburg), Martin Risak (Universität Wien), Julia Tomassetti (City University Hong Kong).

Chair:Eva Kocher (European University Viadrina)

Session II Collective action in digital contexts

Panel: Chiara Cristofolini (Università di Trento), Jason Dinse (University College Roosevelt), Isabell Hensel (Frankfurt (Oder), Orsola Razzolini (University of Genova), Peter Rott (Universität Kassel)

Chair: Luca Nogler (Universität Trento)

Session III Contracts in digital contexts: life time contracts?

Panel: Olha Cherednychenko (University of Groningen), Mateja Durovic (King’s College London), Geraint Howells (City University Hong Kong), Andrea Nicolussi (Katholische Universität Mailand), Klaus Tonner (Universität Rostock)

Chair: Eva Kocher (European University Viadrina)

Conclusion/final debate

Chair:Thomas Wilhelmsson (Helsinki)

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