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BEUC Study on Optional Instrument; BEUC’s 10 reservations; and EU Justice ministers discuss CESL

Dezember 20, 2011 By: Admin Category: European Sales Law

EuSoCo partner Geraint Howells has co authored a study for BEUC. This study and the 10 reservations from BEUC can be found on the BEUC website or from the links below

See: BEUC Study: „Optional Soft Law Instrument on ECL“ (Howells, Micklitz, Reich, Nov 2011)

See BEUC’s  European contract law: 28th regime – BEUC’s 10 reservations (Nov 2011)


14 Dec. 2011: Justice ministers meeting in Brussels discussed the proposed Common European Sales Law.

Proposals for a common sales law to encourage cross-border trade appear to have been dismissed by EU justice and home affairs ministers meeting in Brussels on 14 December amid concerns that they will heap more bureaucratic costs on small businesses. The proposals were set for discussion rather than agreement.

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