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EuSoCo Agenda Hamburg July 1,2010 + Draft Programme

Juni 30, 2010 By: udo.reifner Category: 2010 Hamburg

Time Area Title
08:20 Hotel Pick-up for Bus Ride to University
09:00 Intro Welcome, Agenda/technical details (protocol; time-table; choose discussion leaders)
Memorandum discussion (1 page proposal on the table)
09:30 DCFR Prospects for a European Contract Law: State of the Procedure: CES 26th Regime; DG Justice;
Consumer Law and DCFR
Labour Law and DCFR
10:30 Theory Lifetime, Relational or Long Term?
Social: Protective; Informed; Social Policy?
Basis Legal Forms: Rent, Credit or Service Contract?
13:00 Lunch at Arkadash Restaurant
14:00 Principles Early Termination: dismissal, early termination, eviction protection
Price Controls: Rent Control, Minimum Wages, Usury Ceilings
15:30 Coffee break
15:45 Adaptation: procdures, rights, interdictions
Participatory Procedures: collective, protective …
Access and Information – Neo-liberal challenges: the consumer law trap
Consumer or Credit Law?
17:00 To Dos Legal Expert Group – Support Bob Schmitz
Contact with Trade Unions, Consumer and Tenancy Associations on a European Level – Who? What?
Next Meeting 2010 pr 2011? Where?
Publication of a Reader? Again: Memorandum
18:00 End We meet at 20:00 in a St Georg’s Restaurant (Casa di Roma, Lange Reihe 70) (near Your hotel)


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Second Meeting Hamburg July 1, 2010 Invitation

Juni 27, 2010 By: udo.reifner Category: 2010 Hamburg

Welcome to the second meeting of the European Social Contract Law (EuSoCo) project in Hamburg July 1, 2010. Consumer, Tenant and Labour Lawyers are late to discuss European Contract Law.

15 scholars from different member states of the European Union  will come to Hamburg and be hosted by iff and the University of Hamburg.  The meeting is in connection with the European Conference on Responsible Credit which will take place on July 2 and 3 at the chamber of commerce in Hamburg where the project will also be presented on one of its workshops.  In short also the book A Factual Assessment of the Draft Common Frame of Reference (mehr …)

Lifetime Contracts and the Draft Common Frame of Reference – Update of the Trento Agenda

Juni 25, 2010 By: udo.reifner Category: 1.3 General & discussions, 2010 Hamburg

Udo Reifner/Luca Nogler


The following points have been updated from the paper presented at the Trento seminar on September 25, 2009. We use the notion „lifetime contracts“ as a working definition for social longterm contracts like labour, tenancy and consumer (credit) contracts. From a political perspective we should relate to „economic and social interest covered by labour, consumer and tenancy law“ . This relates to the existing social associations (trade unions, consumer organisations and tenancy associations) as well as to the correponding law associations (Int.Labour Law; IACL; Deutscher Mietrechtstag etc) providing our project with the chance to political support and a link to the social movement. Since the concept of consumer law is quite unclear covering a mere market orientation in its neo-liberal information model on one hand while on the other it also covers what is called „the economic interest“ of consumers which coincides with „debtor’s protection“ especially present in credit law we should make it clear that our focus on consumer law is economic and social and not informational. (mehr …)