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“LIFE TIME CONTRACTS”: RETHINKING CONTRACT LAW – Call for Papers and provisional Programme

June 21, 2016 By: udo.reifner Category: 1. EuSoCo, 2016 Luxembourg

International Conference [Program – provisional]
The University of Luxembourg together with the European Social Contracts Group (EuSoCo) are glad to announce the organization of a one-day international symposium to be held in Luxembourg Friday, 30 September 2016.

The symposium will represent the kick-off of a new stage in the discussion about Life Time Contracts in Europe, whose original characters have been discussed in the book: Life Time Contracts: Social Long-term Contracts in Labour, Tenancy and Consumer Credit Law (L. Nogler & U. Reifner (eds), Eleven International Publishing 2014.
The symposium will include specific moments dedicated to young researchers addressing issues surrounding Life Time Contracts, to animate the discussion and drive the discourse forward.
The themes around which the papers will be addressed are those relating to each main session of the conference, that is:

1. The collective dimension of Life Time Contracts
2. Life Time Contracts, labour contracts and the digital economy
3. Life Time Contracts, tenancy and credit contracts Read the rest of this entry →

Newsletter 1.2016 EuSoCo

June 21, 2016 By: udo.reifner Category: 1. EuSoCo, 2016 Luxembourg

Hamburg/Trento 15th of May 2016
Newsletter 1.2016

Dear friends

Our next meeting will now definetely take place at the University of Luxembourg for Friday September 30, 2016. It will have a significant francophone participation. The website for this event is already functional at Read the rest of this entry →

Luca Nogler/Udo Reifner (Eds.): Life Time Contracts

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Principles of International Commercial Contracts Working Group on Long – Term Contracts (excerpts) (also in Spanish)

August 22, 2016 By: udo.reifner Category: LTC Principles

Second session Hamburg , 26 – 2 9 October 2015 UNIDROIT 201 6 Study L – Misc . 32 English only January 2016 REPORT (prepared by the UNIDROIT Secretariat)

(Spanish translation Long term contracts. ¿Hacia unos principios Unidroit de los contratos comerciales internacionales de duración? by Elena Carillo)

Read the rest of this entry →

Hamburg 2016: EuSoCo Workshop Early Termination in Credit Law – what we can learn from labour and tenancy law.

June 23, 2016 By: udo.reifner Category: 2016 Hamburg, Credit Law, Early Termination

At its annual conference on financial services in Hamburg on June 2 and 3, 2016 (“Digitalisation of the bank-customer relationship”) one plenary session has been dedicated to principle 11 of the LTC principles concerning early termination of credit contracts and what can be learned from labour and tenancy law. Programme, outline and reader can be retrieved here. Read the rest of this entry →

E-book: Em torno de Life Time Contracts

June 21, 2016 By: udo.reifner Category: 2015 Braga, LTC Book 2014

sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

E-book: Em torno de Life Time Contracts

No passado dia 15 de Maio de 2015, o Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar em Direitos Humanos da Universidade do Minho, através do seu grupo de investigação em Direito privado — fenómenos de constitucionalização, materlalização e socialização, organizou um colóquio internacional em torno do livro Life Time Contracts.

O livro em causa resulta de um projecto de investigação coordenado por Udo Reifner e Luca Nogler.

O termo Life Time Contracts pretende designar os contratos duradouros essenciais à existência da pessoa, entre os quais estão, designadamente, os contratos de crédito, os contratos de arrendamento e os contratos de trabalho.Contestando as actuais propostas de uniformização do direito europeu dos contratos, assentes no paradigma dos contratos de execução instantânea, como a compra e venda, o livro em torno do qual o colóquio se polarizou propõe-se sublinhar o significado dos contratos duradouros para a sociedade, para a economia e para o direito.

O colóquio contou com a participação dos Professores Reifner e Nogler e de um conjunto de distintos docentes e investigadores de algumas das mais prestigiadas universidades portuguesas.

presente e-book reúne as comunicações então apresentadas.